The micro blogging social media network twitter is a chatty and interactive platform. Twitter audience are likely to engage and interact on several topics related to sports, politics, entertainment, fun, news, lifestyle and so on.

One of the major advantage of twitter is that you can make your voice heard among twitter community. That is why many social issues are being raised on twitter to spread awareness.

Writing tweet can be tricky, if you don’t get right audience that engage with your tweets. It becomes important to get a audience that surrounds your tweet by liking it, talking about it and retweeting it.


Since twitter engagement is very important to grow on twitter, let’s have a look at how you can make boost your tweet engagement with simple steps.


Catch your audience when they are active

It is very important factor to consider to boost your tweet engagement. Your tweets will work more when your audience are online. Posting your tweet at wrong time will not find proper engagement. If your audience comprise of young audience and teens, you will find them active more at night than on day. So tweets in the morning won’t help you much.

Just like that all audiences are active mostly at particular period of time. Learn when they are active the most and capture them at the right time.


Use the right hashtags

Using hashtags on twitter is crucial for the success of your tweet reach to wider audience. When your tweet find more audience, it will boost your engagement rate. Use the hashtags that works for your format type. Those hashtags that will attract potential audience to your tweets.

Use the appropriate  hashtags and not any random irrelevant trending hashtags that has high tweets. It is because through trending hashtags your tweet may reach many people but you won’t find the right audience that will engage with your tweet.


Add visuals to your tweets

Adding visuals like image and GIFs increase the chances of engagement because they grab the audience attention very quickly. It also makes your tweet look appealing.


Write for your audience

Remember that you are writing for your audience and not for yourself. Make it easy for your audience to understand the context of your writing. If audience don’t understand what you mean then they won’t comment or share. Also avoid using technical jargons in your tweet.


Interact with people

Interacting with your audience will build the necessary rapport and credibility that is required between you and your audience. Interact with them using patience and humor. Interact in a trending topic with twitter community to increase your visibility on twitter. Your visibility and communication skills also determines your tweet engagement.


Twitter is a platform full of opportunities to make your voice heard and to make your presence leave a mark. If you are successful in establishing your presence on twitter, it will open many doors for you.

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