Our world continuously going through technological developments. Over the past decade this world has seen many drastic turns that changed the technology whether it’s a laptop or a smartphone or social media or advanced games. Technology is a never stopping fast train.

Technology keeps on evolving that bridges gap between reality and virtual reality. Metaverse is just like that. In simple terms it’s like a 3D virtual reality.

For beginners to understand the metaverse, suppose you are using the internet. What if you are inside of the internet? Sounds interesting and uncanny isn’t it? Metaverse is like an online virtual world where you can be inside the virtual world and do things like work, play games, interact with people, basically what you do in real world you can do in that virtual word. Living inside the virtual world while are in real world.

If you want to understand better, watch the movie ‘Free Guy’ (2021) starring Ryan Reynolds. The movie depicts people playing game in an online virtual world called free city through headsets. It’s not technically a metaverse but it’s enough to give you an idea how the world of metaverse let you function.

Why metaverse is so hyped?

Online virtual world is different than metaverse. In online virtual world where you use the internet to go in, metaverse is the internet itself. In metaverse you can attend meeting go to concerts, meet with friends, travel around, explore malls, go on dates, all the activities that you do or wanted to do by just putting of VR glasses and you will be in your own metaverse world!

Why big tech giants are racing for metaverse

Metaverse work is currently evolving in the development stage by big tech giants like Facebook, Microsoft and Google.

Facebook is building its own metaverse, like a virtual and augmented reality where you can connect with people for work, play, communication, create content etc. all inside the metaverse beyond social media. Like a real time.

The metaverse for Facebook is more towards connecting with people and marketing. That’s why business will see many opportunities in Facebook metaverse. But the problem rises in data security. Because all your data might go to business to use or marketing.

For Microsoft, the metaverse, or they call it ‘Mesh’ is in the developments stage ready to roll out by mid of the next year. Microsoft Team made meeting and classes possible online. In the tech metaverse building by Microsoft you will be able to create virtual rooms with your own 3D avatar as your presence

What if you attend an international business trade show in metaverse of Microsoft connecting with professionals like you do in real time who are across several nations while you are sitting at your home? In a virtual world feeling just like real time. It is enthralling experience.

Microsoft not just wants to build ‘Mesh’ metaverse for Teams but also for education and entertainment. The competition of metaverse will be very tough between Facebook and Microsoft.


Entertainment industry is not behind!

Even the entertainment apps like Disney and Netflix has announced their own metaverse. Wouldn’t be it exciting to watch a Disney movie while being in the movie where you can actually interact with the character! The metaverse will be very interesting and gripping especially for entertainment industry.


The world is slowly building towards online virtual world where it include 3D avatars, augmented reality and metaverse will offer real world for people with technology. It is still a long way to reach there yet but metaverse will slowly enroll out soon. It will change the technology to different fascinating and interesting turn.



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