Brands must be aware that memes will only help meet some marketing objectives. If they push a sales message, users will be put off immediately. This brings similar considerations as in our marketer’s guide to reddit. The key is to understand the pulse of the audience and join in, adding something that contributes to the moment. Brands that get it wrong detract from the mood and pay the price.



However, memes can form part of a serious strategy. Keep these tips in mind as you add memes to your marketing plan.

Keep up to speed with pop culture: It is vital you keep pace with current trends; timeliness is the lifeblood of the viral meme.

Show some self-awareness: If you are hoping to push a brand message, use humor to deflect and to show a human side.

Find the right channel: Memes are everywhere, from Snapchat to LinkedIn, but they differ in format and tone by channel. TikTok memes tend to use music as an extra element, for example.

Use a tone that fits the brand: It is important to stay professional, even when joining in on a social media challenge. Customers expect the brand to act in line with its traditional identity.



Research your audience’s preferences: Use social media advertising tools to identify these cultural preferences before launching a meme strategy.

Get involved with trends and challenges: Since these are already viral, they provide guaranteed visibility. Just make sure to use that currency wisely.

Create a meme library: The same memes pop up all the time and their familiarity is comforting. Keep a meme library and adapt the text quickly when an idea strikes.

And check the licensing of images:  A rather dull point to close on, but an important one. If you are gathering images to create new memes, do check for any licensing consideration

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