Over the past few years, YouTube has been rolling out more features that are designed to support creators. This platform has created more ways to interact with your viewers and has created more ways to monetize your channel.

1. Make more money with the merch shelf :- If you have a line of channel merch to sell, then make sure to set up your store on teespring. You can link your store to your YouTube account to set up a Merch shelf, which displays your merch listings right under your videos.

2. Connect with your viewers by going Live :- Live streams really effects your YouTube channel, it makes your viewers get to know you more and also going live on your channel, you can be more interactive with your viewers, you can know more about their mentality and through this you can ask about the content they are interesting in.

3. Keep your audience in a loop with YouTube stories :- Keep your viewers updated with your videos and maintain the regularity of the video so that viewers may give you regular attention. Share your instagram and snapchat profile so that viewers get updates on that, also update your video details on your social media handles. This makes a strong bond between you and your viewers.

4. Build a hype around your videos using Premier :- Premier is a very attractive feature where you can set the date of your upload and then when uploaded on the scheduled time you can see the responds of your viewers immediately. Very less people know about this feature but you can use this to know the instant replies of your viewers.

5. Protect your videos by using Copy-right tool :- Many YouTubers deal with the scammers who download their videos and upload it on their channel, so you can protect your videos by applying Copy-right tool on it, so if any of them reupload your video you may get notify and you can take strict measures to get them removed.

YouTube is constantly uploading new features to make it a good platform to show up the their talent. The more subscribers you will gain the more features you will get to know.

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