As we previously announced, Ytviews has been inclined in creating a mobile application for our users which will grant them access to a number of exclusive features and an over-enhanced user-friendly interface. We comprehend that people have been relying upon us for their social media growth and trust me, we are not sitting back. Our team has been working religiously to inculcate ways to produce the best user experience on – Ytviews Neo which is set to be launched in 2023.

Exclusive features of the Ytviews Neo mobile application

Ytviews – the desktop portal gives you access to a number of tools and features provided by us which include likes, followers, comments and subscribers on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Spotify, Twitter, Reddit and many more. The process is easy, login to our portal, choose the campaign of your choice and place your order. Once you are done with the formalities, our expert team will pull their socks up and deliver your order with 100% organic and real accounts. However, this is the desktop portal. The Ytviews Neo application will be different and enhanced. It is made, solely with the purpose of making our clients feel the authority over their entire order process. Here are some of the exclusive features of the Ytviews Neo application:

Progress report

Ytviews Neo will feature a live progress chart, to allow our clients to monitor the completion of their orders. Along will that, it will also offer an analytical report which will determine the progress of your social media profile, before and after using our services, which will help you keep track of your order and also will give you a clearer vision of whether our services were helpful or not.

More campaigns!

Moreover, placing an order just got simpler than ever. With the help of Ytviews Neo, you will be able to place your campaign orders within a few touches. Along with that, we have also added a number of new campaigns to allow our customers to place their orders with more precision as they desire. You just have to scroll through the variety of campaigns that we offer, select your desired campaign and place your order. You are then good to go.

Multiple services at once

You will now have the feature to place multiple orders at once. You may choose the campaign of your choice, add it to your cart, and then pick another campaign of your choice (doesn’t matter if it is for a different application than your first order) and add that to the cart. You may add as many campaigns as you wish and once you’re done adding all the campaigns, finish your payment with a single touch with our ‘Ytviews Wallet’ and watch the magic happen!

Introducing Ytviews Wallet

Card Payment and bank payment are comparatively longer processes. The Ytviews wallet is an exclusive wallet which will allow you to pay for campaign with just a single touch. Yes, you heard that right! You will need to top-up your wallet balance once, and post that, all your payment transactions will be one-touch.

To ensure safe transactions, we have modified the payment process and made it safer for our users to dodge any kind of technical disruptions during the payment procedure. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and Ytviews Neo is all set to showcase a user-friendly experience like never seen before!


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