Rate of conversion, load time, insight analytics, and a slew of other phrases are prevalent in YouTube. Nevertheless, in the end, what does that really imply? Today, let’s talk about one of the most significant aspects of the performance of video content on YouTube: watch time.

What is watch time?

For someone who is unfamiliar with the term, Watch Time is widely regarded as perhaps the most essential measure on YouTube. In a nutshell, it is the number of minutes and hours that users have viewed your videos or your content on YouTube.

As a result, it is obvious that the more fascinating your video content is, the more are the chances for your viewers to stay up to watch it till the end. Being said this, now you might have realised that why people recommend planning and executing your content carefully.

How is watch time crucial?

Now let’s understand this concept. Views reflect visits on your video content, however, they do not indicate the amount of time someone has spent watching your content. The more Watch Time YouTube receives from its users, the more advertising it can serve to those viewers, bringing in revenue for YouTube and of course, for that content creator. As a result, your revenue from YouTube is in direct proportion to the watch time that you can generate on your videos.

Considering this, it’s certainly self-evident that making an entertaining video with a long watch time is a valuable component to succeed as a YouTuber. YouTube has stated that to bring in watch time, audience retention plays a crucial role and there are ample ways to increase your video watch time. Let’s discuss them now.


1) Have your viewers invested

If you desire, your video can be made even a couple of hours long, but if no user is willing to watch it after the first few minutes, you’re making a negative impact on YouTube. The goal of viewer retention is to hold their attention for the duration of your content. Having them educated, engaged, and entertained is of utmost essential.


2) Precap or a short video synopsis

The moment your video starts, there will always be a dramatic decline in viewership. Some users will immediately switch to some other video if the content does not appeal to them. There is also a possibility that some viewers might stay for another half a minute to see if the video lives up to the thumbnail and title. That is why some form of hook or payout is required. A way to attract a viewer to watch the film for a few more minutes, and perhaps keep them engaged for the duration.

Before you put in your actual intro, try to entertain, inform, or excite your audience in the first 15 seconds. This is an underappreciated strategy for getting people to watch your films for longer periods of time, and I believe it works.


3) Pattern Interruptions

Consequently, as some of you may be aware, the attention on the interest span of an average YouTube user is quite limited. So, what’s the solution? You use a technique known as pattern interruption. Consider pattern interrupts as reset options to the viewer’s attention since they modify the speed, tone, and style. You understand what the videos are about, but you put up something new on the display to glance at.

If you’re aiming to cover multiple themes in a single video, at the very least let the viewer know in the title or video opening, or do a separate video on that subject. Keep your concentration and edit rigorously.


We’d like to conclude with the point that on YouTube, Time is Money. Even though one of YouTube’s most essential determining variables is Watch Time doesn’t mean that you should post longer unmeaningful videos, just for the sake of it. You’re appealing to an algorithm far too much, and that will definitely hurt your viewers. 

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