This year, Youtube has introduced several new features to enhance the experience of users as well as creators on the platform. This time, there’s something more inciting for the creators. The platform has rolled out the initial phase of thumbnail A/B Testing to improve the selection process of thumbnails. Clearly, the idea of comparing thumbnail variations by the creators is a great move by Youtube.

Initial Phase of Thumbnail A/B Testing

Basically, Youtube’s new video thumbnail A/B testing will enhance the overall performance of the creator’s content. This particular feature will be available in the platform’s studio options as a ‘Test and Compare’ tool. With this new option, you will be able to compare and choose the best thumbnail out of three. This will ensure that your content goes with the best possible thumbnail to attract viewers and subscribers to your channel.

Besides, you must be wondering how exactly the thumbnail comparison will be done, right? Well, it will be very much based on the ‘Watch Time.’ To be specific, after the thumbnail comparison test is run, the results will be determined by ‘watch time.’ Indeed, it would be more than a useful add-on to your content creation journey.

A thumbnail holds most of the user’s attention while visiting your channel for the first time. Creators try to be creative as much as they can to add a catchy yet genuine thumbnail for their content. Creators sometimes experiment with thumbnails by adding excited faces to them. However, it is important to know that this feature isn’t yet available to a large number of creators. It is under testing, and only a few creators have access to it. In a year, a wider range of users can expect to have access to this most requested option so far.

What’s more? Well, there’s news about the beta version of Youtube thumbnail A/B testing, also. Youtube plans to make it available to a few creators in the future. On the whole, the platform is working to introduce many more exciting options to help users make better decisions about their content marketing strategy. So, stay updated, and let’s wait to see what else Youtube has to surprise you with.



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