Many people aspire to become a creator for YouTube and develop creative videos for YouTube. It provides platform full of opportunities for creators to showcase their potential and even earn. More than 5 billion videos are watched in YouTube daily.

If you aspire to make videos and earn money on YouTube, there are certain guidelines you need to know


1) Follow community guidelines

YouTube guidelines are made to protect the interest of both creators and audience. Guidelines are clearly specified what you are allowed to do and what you are restricted to. These guidelines applies to videos, thumbnail, link, comments and all kind of contents. These include not to harass anyone and not to post violent content. When you breach a certain guideline for first time, YouTube gives you a warning. As a result your actions are restricted. If you receive three complaints it can result in closing down your account too.

Following the YouTube guidelines is very important if you want to continue your journey in YouTube to post content and earn. YouTube is very attentive in making sure the guidelines are followed in YouTube community. So make sure you go through all the guidelines beforehand.


2) Copyright rules

Copyright is a strict rule that any creator must understand. Copyright claim is a law that states you cannot use other’s original content in your video without permission of that creator. YouTube is very strict in following the copyright rules. For this, YouTube has its own system of copyright that governs copyright claims. If anyone complains to YouTube that they have rights of a video and their content is being used without their permission, YouTube removes the video and you will even receive a complaint of copyright.

There are three options to tackle the copyright complaint. First you have to wait till 90 days to finish the claim, second you can also contact the person to take the complaint back or third if you think you are sent copyright strike wrongly then you can submit legal dispute to settle the matter. However, if you receive three copyright strikes in these 90 days, your account can be closed permanently.

The creators who have content ID have power to see who uses their content. They also have power to claim the copyright strike. They also have power to see their actions, how much they earn with that content and even take decision to close the account.

YouTube have certain tools that will help creator to challenge the claims of content ID. You can even go to YouTube Studio to cut the part where you got the copyright claim. You can even see any ongoing copyright strike and copyright claims of content ID in YouTube studio.

However, there are certain areas which allows you to use others content. That is why read well which content can be fairly used and available for everyone to use.

To know more about copyright read


3) YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

To make money from YouTube videos, you must have to enroll with YouTube Partner Program where it give lot of access to various resources and opportunity to earn money.

To become a part of YPP, it is important that you already established your presence on YouTube with at least 1,000 subscribers and you must complete at least 4,000 watch hours in last 12 months. You can see whether you have crossed the requirement in YouTube Studio. You can apply for YPP after completing the eligibility requirements. You have to follow all the rules to become a part of YPP.

YouTube has made the rules for creators to motivate who work hard to make original and creative content for YouTube. After becoming the part of YPP you can earn money from subscriber count and super chats. You can even earn by running ads on your channel. For this make sure you comply with the rules of those who wants to run ads on your channel.

YouTube gives wonderful opportunities to earn money and establish your base in YouTube community. Make sure you follow all the guidelines properly.

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