The top U.S. YouTube earner since 2019, MrBeast took the stage at the first VidCon in 2019 to discuss how the recommendation system truly functions with Todd Beaupré, YouTube’s director of discovery. In his talk to the audience of hundreds of creators jammed into every available seat, Beaupré made the joke that “there’s literally a lot of monkeys in a room.”

However, according to MrBeast, whose actual name is Jimmy Donaldson, investing in the short-form video is a practical approach to up your content game right now. Creators are keen to figure out how to optimize YouTube’s recommendation system. According to Donaldson, short-form isn’t going anywhere and will only grow in popularity. So if you’re not already doing it, you should.

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Donaldson also clarified that creators may use Shorts to funnel funds to their main channel, where they can post more long-form material. The YouTube team is presently figuring out how to teach the algorithm to distinguish between viewership patterns for YouTube shorts and regular uploads.

Additionally, Beaupré highlighted that more individuals are currently live streaming on YouTube. He noted that a live video stream makes it simpler to feel connected to a group and the experience more simultaneous. He said that although watching YouTube videos on mobile devices is the most common manner, TV is the method that is increasing the quickest. Therefore, content producers should ensure that their work looks nice on a large screen.

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Of course, posting larger or shorter films is far simpler than “the algorithm,” which is much more difficult. YouTube models how users consume content using deep learning AI. What else would someone enjoy if they enjoyed Mr. Beast and a Minecraft creator? Would they watch another well-known YouTuber whose material is comparable if they adore one particular Minecraft streamer?

According to Beaupré, a YouTube employee of eight years, “all this stuff is ultimately trying to find out what video you’re going to be most interested in viewing, that you’re going to enjoy.” He said, “Of course, YouTube’s objective is to get people thrilled to come back and enjoy watching YouTube videos.”


Understanding The Algorithm

Donaldson claimed that among all of YouTube’s stats, he places the most significant emphasis on the retention rate, noting where viewers wane and how that information might guide his subsequent films. He believes that the algorithm would emphasize something more challenging to complete regarding audience engagement. For instance, it’s tougher to acquire 70% retention on a 30-minute film than it is to get millions of views.

Make the film as long as is necessary, said Beaupré. According to him, artists frequently strive to make their movies longer because they believe doing so would increase the likelihood that the algorithm will promote them. However, if not enough people view the video, this strategy will be ineffective.

How Does The YouTube Algorithm Work In 2022? - Kyle Handy

Beaupré said that whenever people ask him how to trick the algorithm, he tells them to “change ‘algorithm’ with ‘audience.'” For instance, when to publish a video to get the most significant traction from the algorithm. How can videos function well with an audience rather than being positioned to perform well for an algorithm? Uploading at three in the morning while most of your followers are sleeping is probably not a fantastic idea if most of your audience is in the United States, for instance.

The YouTube CEO also mentioned that producers frequently query him over whether or not viewer response to a video decides its fate. However, he said that non-subscribers watch most videos, and MrBeast claimed the same was true for his channels.


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