Twitter India has been given “one last chance” by the government to abide by the nation’s new IT Rules. As per a statement by The Economic Times, the final date to conform with the IT Rules is July 4, 2022, and if it misses that date, it could face “losing its immunity as an intermediary.”

Twitter India “repeatedly failed to follow up on the content take-down orders received under Section 69 A of the IT Act,” the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) noted. Additionally, according to the complaint, Twitter India did not respond to “non-compliance letters sent for not taking the item down.” On June 27, the authorities sent a notice highlighting Twitter’s disregard for notice-related instructions.

Regarding penalties for breaking the law, the report states that Twitter India “would be susceptible to punishment to offences as stipulated in the IT Act 2000” and “will (be) liable to loss of immunity as available (to) an intermediary under subsection (1) of section 79 of the IT Act.”

The government sent Twitter a similar notification in June of last year, offering it one more chance to “quickly” comply with the new IT regulations and warning that failing to do so would result in the platform losing its immunity from accountability under the IT Act. Twitter’s unwillingness to abide by the guidelines, according to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), revealed the microblogging service’s “lack of dedication and efforts towards creating a safe and secure environment for users.”

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