It’s straightforward to see who has read your WhatsApp status. Go to the “Status” tab and press on the Status you uploaded after posting your WhatsApp status. An eye symbol can be found at the bottom. They are informed that you have viewed their WhatsApp status when you do so.

The individuals who have watched Status are visible when you tap the eye symbol. But here’s how to prevent your name from appearing in the status views list.

How To See Who Viewed your WhatsApp Story

Turning Read Receipt Off

We all know that read receipts are helpful for discussions. Still, you can also use them to formally verify someone’s Status without alerting them.

Toggle “Read receipts” on or off in Settings > Account > Privacy to accomplish this. You won’t be able to know who has viewed your WhatsApp status, which is another consequence.

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Go Offline

When using WhatsApp on a desktop computer, going into incognito mode will allow you to view someone’s Status without alerting them. You only need to use incognito mode to use WhatsApp on the web.

The alternative is to disable your mobile data or unplug it from Wi-Fi. You may check the contact’s Status when your smartphone is offline without alerting them.

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From File Manager

The WhatsApp files are kept on your smartphone in a secret location. Therefore, you may examine the contact’s WhatsApp status without alerting them if you have access to them. To do so, adhere to the directions below:

1. Launch File Manager, then choose Internal Storage, WhatsApp, and Media.

2. Next, choose the “Statuses” folder.

In this folder, you may see photos or videos that contacts have posted on WhatsApp. The other person will never be aware that you have viewed their Status because you are not opening Status straight from WhatsApp.

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