Instagram is known to be an effective platform for most of the tasks and activities. Not to mention how it has opened up numerous opportunities for every field and the users representing it. Instagram may harbour billions of users spending all their time on this platform but the activeness is instilled because of those select few who genuinely use the platform to spread awareness and talk about issues in any form, be it through their funny content or focused posts. 


However, one cannot ignore how Instagram has extended provision of so many tools that to create and share content is relatively a much easier task thus the flow of content out there is no less. From Reels, videos, carousels, stories, to posts and IGTVs, content has taken over all of it just as it should. 


The only point of concern is that users, be it influencers and content creators, they sometimes think that quantity overpowers quality and so they resort to writing longer captions, longer scripts for their content and use even more words in their written or spoken speech because they think it may create a better effect and more impact which is not entirely true. 

Here is why you should use fewer words for more impact especially on Instagram- 


– Be it for text in videos, or captions under posts, viewers are more likely to actually keep up with the entire thing if it is within their power and too much text can take away the essence of the video not to mention distract the users from the content of the post and video. Similarly when it comes to long captions, it is always better to either divide it or keep it short because many might end up overlooking and not reading it. 


– When it comes to Reels and short duration videos, it is always better to not fill up the Reel or the video with too much text because it can appear to be clustered and draw your audience away. Not to mention how Reels are anyway for short duration and users tend to scroll much easily because it cannot always hold their attention for too long.

– Using fewer words in the speech and even for your script can ensure that your audience sticks around till the very end because it will make them focus on the essence, quality and emotion behind the video. It will also showcase and create more impact in a way because fewer words might end up voicing a larger thought and send the message across. It would also provide the viewers with the space to reflect and think thoroughly about the content.


– Try to visually send across the idea as well and use symbolic gestures too instead of just filling up the feed with texts and make sure that when you do use them, it represents the value and the quality. It would also ensure that the viewers do not get distracted and when they do see your texts and captions, they become aware that it is important and beneficial.

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