With over 300 million monthly active users, LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world. No matter your industry, you can find individuals who carry a significant amount of influence as thought leaders in their area of expertise. In light of this, LinkedIn influencer marketing can be a game-changing addition to your overall LinkedIn marketing strategy. LinkedIn may seem like a surprising fit for influencers, considering its business-oriented niche and smaller userbase than the other social networking sites. So why should you invest in it? Here are some reasons that might convince you to:

LinkedIn influencers have a direct impact on their audience

LinkedIn influencers are followed by CEOs, CMOs, CFOs and many other team leads and decision makers who pay close attention to what these influencers have to say. When a LinkedIn influencer mentions a specific product or service, it has a direct impact on the people most likely to purchase that product or service. If you want to put your business in front of key individuals in your industry, LinkedIn is the way to go.


The opinions of LinkedIn influencers matter

Their perspectives carry weight and have a big impact and greater reach. This is because the longer form content on LinkedIn provokes attention and tends to be stick around the minds of its audiences. LinkedIn’s professional-focused network, influence, audience, and authority are built upon expertise. Users follow influencers because they constantly deliver industry insights in the form of detailed posts, articles, and videos that provoke followers’ curiosity and consideration.

LinkedIn influencer marketing is the right fit for many brands

For many businesses, LinkedIn influencers are a much better fit with their brand compared to other platforms. If your brand has a more buttoned-up feel, you’ll have a much easier time finding an influencer on LinkedIn, which is geared specifically toward business professionals. It’s also ideal for brands that are in a more complex or specialized niche, looking to stand out from the competition and clearly define their value proposition. When it comes to generating leads, LinkedIn dominates other social networks. Honestly, it’s hard to beat the power of LinkedIn.

So now you know why LinkedIn influencer marketing should be maneuvered. But how do you find the right influencer for that purpose? We’ll cover that as well:

Check the influencer list

LinkedIn has its own influencer list which contains trustworthy users of the platform. These people are hand-selected by LinkedIn. There’s a high chance that they will not agree to work with you so we would suggest you to look for influencers of your niche. Read the next point.

Search using keywords

Do a content search instead of a profile search. It is a much faster way to find relevant influencers. As you scroll through the content, look for posts that have a high level of engagement, such as reactions, comments, and views (if video). A significant amount of engagement on a post suggests that the person probably has a big audience and may be an influencer you want to work with. Once you identify a potential influencer, go to their profile and look at all their posts. If everything they share gets a lot of attention, then that person could be a great fit for an influencer in their niche.

Join LinkedIn groups

Another way to identify influencers on LinkedIn is to join popular groups related to your industry. To find these groups, simply type in your industry or keywords related to your industry. Consider joining these groups and then paying attention to who posts the most consistently and whose posts get the most engagement. These individuals are potential influencers you may want to connect with.

In many ways, LinkedIn influencer marketing is still in its infancy. Influencer strategies continue to evolve on LinkedIn which presents brands with unique advantages. By working with influencers now, you can command more attention at a lower price. So its rather wise to tap into LinkedIn influencers at the earliest.


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