Ye, previously Kanye West, said that he was driven to purchase the conservative social networking service Parler by his conviction that other platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter, are overly censoring user expression. Ye stated in an interview with Bloomberg News on Monday, “When I got banned from Instagram and Twitter at the moment, I decided it was time to establish my own platform.” “This concept had been discussed and brought up for years, but enough was enough.”

As a result of breaking certain major social media companies’ content standards, the rapper and designer have had his ability to post on those platforms curtailed. The day after Ye made his first appearance on the site in over two years, Twitter Inc. deleted an anti-Semitic tweet from him and deactivated his account. Instagram, owned by Meta Platforms Inc., also removed postings with anti-Semitic rhetoric.

“We’re using this as a net for the people who have been bullied by the thought police to come and speak their mind,” he said. “Express how you feel. Express what’s tied up inside of you. Express what’s been haunting you. I use social media as my therapist.”

Elon Musk, a billionaire who has a deal to acquire Twitter for $44 billion, claims to have spoken with Ye last week after Twitter had blocked his account. Ye said that during the chat, Musk didn’t provide him with any advice on whether to acquire Parler; he made that decision on his own. Ye said that he will ask former US President Donald Trump to join him on Parler for dinner this coming week. Trump’s own alternative network, Truth Social, will also welcome him, according to Ye. He says he would consult with his advisors before deciding if owning Parler means he will completely forgo other social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.


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