With an increase in short video content throughout the internet, WhatsApp is also joining the race by adding to the already present voice note feature. WhatsApp recently announced a feature that will allow users to add short videos to their chats. You can now instantaneously capture the moment and share it with your contacts with ease.

Giving on-the-spot chat responses

According to WhatsApp, videos provide an instantaneous and real-time experience of responding to chats. You can easily record a 60-second video of saying anything you wish. It can be a birthday wish, a party invite, or maybe a reaction to a joke. As they mentioned, it will be a great new way of sharing on-the-spot reactions and emotions.

Sharing videos has already become popular on other apps. People have switched to this mode on almost all social media platforms. This add-on is sure to take WhatsApp back into action and give it the push to join the line of other social media platforms. Just like everything else on WhatsApp, video messages are also equipped with end-to-end encryption. So, you know that your messages are totally safe from piracy.

Enabling video recording on WhatsApp

This is no rocket science. All you need is the latest version of the app. You can tap on the screen to switch to video mode and record your video. Quite like voice notes, tap and hold the record button to record your video. There is also a feature to lock recording and record hands-free by swiping up on the record button. Once sent, the other person would automatically see a muted video which they can unmute by tapping on it.

Although, there is an added disadvantage of your gallery crowding up with videos if you have auto-downloads enabled. But, keeping this aside, it is a great way to improve one-on-one connections. Brands can take advantage of the same by sending short product previews to their clients. Thus, improving the overall trust score for them.

This can become a great new way of communication in the near future. The feature has started to be released, and within a few weeks, it will be available for everyone. Combined with other features announced by WhatsApp, it is an excellent approach to attracting new as well as existing users.

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