Audio has gained momentum in the social media scenario in the past few years. With new social audio apps emerging and receiving popularity, now Twitter has come up with Twitter Spaces to facilitate live audio conversations on the platform. In this post, we’ll take a closer look at it and know what its about. Let’s go!

What is Twitter Spaces?

It is a new feature launched by Twitter that allows users to have live audio conversations on the platform. Users can host these conversations in an audio chat room called a “Space” and invite other users to participate. If someone you follow is hosting Space or is a Speaker in one, it’ll show up as a purple bubble at the top of your timeline for the duration of the conversation. In addition, Twitter Spaces is open to the public, which means that anyone can join as a Listener.

Anyone with 600 or more followers can host a Space on Twitter. Its a great way to build more personal connections with your audience. Up to 13 people can can speak in a Space, including a host and co-hosts.


Why should you be using it?

Spaces brings you the freedom of having a conversation beyond 280 characters. You can speak for as long as you like and receive responses in real-time from other speakers. This brings conversations to life and encourages people to have more open discussions. You also build a strong connection with your audience. It’s an excellent opportunity for businesses engage with their customers.

How can you make the most of Spaces?

If you’re an influencer or a brand and want to cultivate a community, Spaces will help amplify those efforts. Here are some ways to make the best use of Twitter Spaces and benefit from it:

Announce and update

Share information about updates, announcements and more with your audience. This is a great way to keep your followers in the loop and engaged with your brands.


Host discussions 

Build your presence in the platform by hosting discussions on trending topics or any other interesting topics. This could include commentary, future predictions and tips related to various subjects. To get even more visibility for your Space, invite other influencers as speakers to your event and co-host with them.

Nurture your community 

This a perfect forum to interact with your followers in real-time and build connections with them. You could include conversations related to customer service, live Q&A forums, feedback sessions and more.

With the ability to facilitate live audio conversations, there’s no doubt that Twitter Spaces will make way for authentic engagement. As it is a fairly new feature, it’s the perfect time to leverage it to gain a competitive edge over your competitors. So make sure that you are utilizing this amazing feature.

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