Quote Tweet is a phenomenal feature offered by Twitter which allows your tweet – specifically your Retweet, to cut through the noise and adds extra perspective that can help benefit both your followers and the relationship with the content creator. The most important aspect of a Quote Tweet is that it enhances conversations. On the other hand, Quote Tweets make it very clear what is being discussed. Knowing what is a Quote Tweet will help you leverage the power of Twitter to your greatest advantage.

What exactly is a Quote Tweet?

5+ years after launching the Retweet button, Twitter added an option where, when selecting the Retweet button you could either retweet or quote tweet. This allows users to add context to the tweet. So basically, a Quote Tweet then is a Retweet that allows you to embed your own comments above the original tweet and publish both to your followers.

Meanwhile, a lot of people might say, “Isn’t it exactly what retweet is?” Simply put, when you Retweet it puts the original tweet and content creator in limelight and allows their tweet to be in focus while the one who retweets only appears at the top in mention. Therefore, the Quote Tweet puts the person who is Retweeting and their comment in equal prominence.

Reasons why you should use Quote Tweets more often

Marketing professionals can make great use of this feature. There’s no disadvantage to it and they are a highly effective tool. Plus, you never know when a well-done quote will produce an evergreen tweet.

1. It lets you add your own, unique perspective to a topic in an attractive way in the Twitter user interface.

2. It gives room for creativity. You can add your ting of humor and wit on a certain take. Using a Quote Tweet also allows you to easily add your GIF, video, or photo to the Retweets to make it more fun.

3. It renders more visibility. A reply to someone’s Tweet has very limited visibility. Twitter displays Quote Tweets more prominently in your follower’s notifications than a typical Retweet.

4.Using quote tweets also allows you to recycle content smartly. By doing this, you can show how things that you have said in the past is still relevant today. You can also update a tweet you made earlier.

5. Quote Tweets is an excellent way to send targeted responses in questions. Brands can really put this to use as it makes responding much easier.

Keep in mind, there are more options than Retweet and Quote Tweet. This means that you should consider which option better suits your purposes. If you really don’t have anything important to say, then consider simply Retweeting or commenting. In particular, you can reply to a Tweet. This lets you interact with content in ways that don’t involve sending out a complete Tweet. On the other hand, if there’s a substantive addition you want to make, then quoting may be better. This helps to build more engagement with your followers because of the additional context.

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