The way to monetize a livestream in YouTube is by using super chats and super stickers. The viewers can send super chat or sticker by paying an amount, which is highlighted in the live chat. The more amount they pay, the longer their chat stays at the top and more likely it is to be noticed by the creator before it disappears. It benefits both the viewers, who get noticed by their favourite creator and the creators, who are able to monetize the streams.



Here’s how to get more superchats during YouTube live.


Respond to premium messages only



Most viewers chat during a YouTube live for one of the two reasons – either they want to talk to each other or talk to the creator. Many questions are usually posted in the super chat and it is not possible to go through each of them. The best way to encourage fans for super chat is by responding to messages sent through superchat. If the fans notice that questions sent via superchat are only responded to, then it is more likely that they will sent their questions via superchats too. But it is important to give substantive answers to the superchat questions.


Celebrate each superchat in some way

Each superchat can be welcomed with a mini celebration. It does not necessarily have to be super elaborate. For example a creator can come up with a special catchphrase every time a superchat is received or multiple catchphrases, each denoting various levels of superchats. Alternatively each superchat can be complimented with a dance move, jingle, animation or a challenge.


Be thankful

Each superchat received by the creator should be accompanied by a shout-out. Even better would be to not just answer them but also thank them by name for their kind gesture. Shout-outs can also be given in the next video by writing the usernames down during the stream. A few names can be drawn at random and thank them for their support.

The more superchats a livestream receives, the more money is earned. So it is important to encourage fans to send more premium messages by giving more attention to superchats than other chats.

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