The video ranking algorithm is the trump card in YouTube, as it determines the number of viewers who will watch a particular video, the location in which the content would be promoted and the people receiving the push notification for the new uploads. No one except the people in the YouTube HQ actually knows how the algorithm functions. But many creators have found it out through trial and error that a consistent upload schedule can improve a video’s stand in the algorithm.



Here are few ways to improve upload schedule.


Must be consistent

Consistency should be the key element of any YouTube strategy. Videos must be uploaded on a regular and consistent basis to raise the channel’s place within the algorithm. Consistency not only benefits the channel from the algorithm perspective, but it also benefits the creators from the viewers point of view. Interest in a channel may fade if a channel uploads a new video sporadically. The videos of a channel becomes part of the viewers’ personal routine if the uploads are consistent.


Schedule the posts

Uploading content on a regular basis only does not mean being consistent. The only way to utilize the maximum benefits of the upload schedule is by uploading on the same day every single week. It is even to upload the new videos at the same time of the day. If there is a fear of missing out on the upload time, a creator can schedule their uploads in advance. In this way a creator can choose the exact time he/she wants his/her video to go live.


Advertise the upload schedule in advance



The upload schedules will only matter if the viewers are aware of it. Therefore, the upcoming uploads should be advertised in advance. Upload schedules can be put up on the channel header for easy visibility. The date and time of the next video can also be mentioned at the end of the video. The viewers can also be reminded to turn on the push notification, so that they do not miss the next upload.


A consistent upload is the only way to make the algorithm love a channel. Follow the above tips and a major improvement will inevitably follow in the channel’s performance.

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