A fashion blog can cover many things such as information and articles on trending clothing and accessories, beauty tips, trends in market, celebrity fashion trends and street fashion trends. They cover fashion at all levels from large fashion design houses to small fashion designers.
Some blogs focus more on fashion advice, articles on clothing fit, the matching and complementing of colors, and other information about trending clothing and accessories.
Fashion bloggers basically focus on trending things around them. Let’s discuss about the clothing and accessories blogs.
Clothing Fashion Blogs – These blogs mainly discuss about new designs and styles which are coming per season. These blogs give information and update their audience about the fashion trends. They basically shoot pictures wearing new trendy clothes, it differs per season. They have different colors and styles for every season. They have a different summer and winter collections. They basically focus on how much they can attract people from their looks. Your look should be unique and modern.

Accessories fashion blog – These types of fashion blog basically focus on accessories such as bags, wallets, jewellery, shoes etc. They create videos unboxing new jewelleries and telling briefly about that. They have trendy collections of bags which they show up wearing them and clicking pictures and post them on Instagram and YouTube. They also give you information where you can get these accessories and you can easily buy them.

So these are two different categories so never mix clothing fashion blog and accessories fashion blog.

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