Everyone is positively aware about how Tik Tok took over the world by a storm and with its features, impact and benefits, both the audience and the creators rushed towards the same without hesitating once. The results were such that even Instagram came up with its own version of it and termed it as “Reels”. 


Users who were spending most of their time being hooked on Tik Toks all night now moved to Reels that were introduced by Instagram and because of the smooth process, seamless techniques and accessibility, many started using Reels right away. 


What is Facebook Watch? 

Witnessing how the growth, creators and advertisers were now being attracted towards Instagram and Tik Tok, Facebook which has always managed to stay neck to neck to create its impact could not stay far off this amazing feature and has now incorporated it into its platform as well. 


Facebook Watch was originally launched in 2017 but only selectively and in the US, however with the emerging years and especially after the rise of Tik Tok and Instagram Reels, it has managed to spread its wings and hook viewers. 


Facebook Watch is the feature to promote video content and make it more accessible to its users. The users can accordingly react, like, comment and engage with the video to showcase its support. 


What differentiates Facebook Watch? 

Facebook Watch might end up coming across just as same as Reels and Tik Tok Videos but there are still a few points that are widening the bridge between the same. Tik Tok is entirely an app based for video content where the traffic and leads are unparalleled, however with Facebook watch one can also access each other’s profile, details and connect as well. And, with Instagram reels, one can explore, come across new creators and get an unmeasurable reach which helps their profile grow.

However, with Facebook Watch, one can opt to choose which category they would like to see as it is showcased, and they can access Watch, that is the short video sharing feature, either of those who they follow or access the rest of the options such as Live, Music, Following, etc. where even longer videos can be accessed. Something that sets it entirely apart is also the gaming section where the certain video games are streamed live and shared so that the viewers can engage along with it as it goes on. Not only is this entertaining but also quite addicting. One can also access the saved videos in this section and check the ones they have saved to view later according to their convenience. 


These features make the entire tool quite fascinating and engaging. 


One can also use this to share content creation, gaming streams, fashion videos, news, shows and editor’s picks that are also the professional videos, motivational videos and so much more that are trending these days. Not to mention the fandoms and pages that are making sure to use the maximum out of it. Something that even most of the brands caught up with and are now looking after. One can also search for videos on their own and will find the results for what is being looked for pretty smoothly. 


Now that we have gotten you familiar with the platform, let us move to highlight a few constructive ways to use it- 


1. Firstly, try to get yourself familiarized with the entire process so that you know what the entire deal and process is about. It is not about researching as much as it is about experiencing something for yourself. 

2. Get acquainted with the features and tools to create, share and enrich it yourself. Plan over what and how exactly will you share with your audience along with what will be brought to the table by you. 

3. Pick a category of what exactly you plan to create and share with the users, and find unique and appealing ways to conduct the same. 

4. Make sure the videos are being uploaded through your personal page as it has better reach and potential. Use a page that showcases your creations or the concept of a brand. If you are already running a business page on Facebook then use it instead. 

5. Make sure that the videos are of good quality, enriching content and appealing. 

6. Come up with various techniques, tools and ideas to promote your videos on Facebook Watch so that only then later on you can transform the same into generating revenue. 

7. Share the same among other platforms, use hashtags, attach links for websites and make it visually aesthetic so that it creates a hype and brings in more audience. 


Do remember to go through your own research, check insights, venture out of your comfort zone and learn more so that you can create the best videos and hype them through Facebook Watch as it is definitely a platform that will create a huge difference for your personal and professional stance. 

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