SoundCloud is an online audio streaming and music sharing platform which emerged in 2007. It allows users to upload, stream, promote, share music and podcasts and is available on the desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android. Soundcloud presents interaction between creators and listeners through its various sharing tools. It accords the users with its commenting feature which allows users to share their thoughts on specific moments in an audio stream, which are then visible by anyone who listens to the track. This involves a much greater sense of vernacular interactivity and reciprocity than the mainstream consumer-oriented platforms.  You can upload all the sounds you want, follow people to listen to the sounds they’re posting, and save or repost them.

What makes SoundCloud so special is that it offers a tool for musicians to create and distribute their art by creating music and simply posting it on Soundcloud with no expensive record deal or distribution plan required. There are about 25 million creators in SoundCloud and nearly 200 million users.

Soundcloud helps get the underrated and talented discovered via big firms and artists. Bigger artists like Rihanna and Snoop have helped in bringing many gifted artists into the limelight. Its the storehouse of talent and holds a spectrum of genre-busting music. It has changed the landscape of how music is created and kind of opened the door for finding people all over the world who share your love for music. It enshrines a sense of vernacular abundance which appeals to musicians and fans drawn to those genres.

Registered users of SoundCloud can upload audio content up to a limit of 2 hours for free, more if they pay subscription fees, and unlimited for “premium” subscribers. As a result of its mix of amateur, professional, and semi-professional content, SoundCloud has an extraordinarily large and diverse catalog of music and other sound files, roughly far more than Spotify.

As a whole, Soundcloud has paved the way to success for many creators who aspire to be seen and heard. SoundCloud is a remarkable cultural phenomenon and if it gets the due recognition then it will continue being the pioneer of many more trends in the industry.

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