Do you need help to boost your Tweet performance? If yes, this article is for you. Whether it’s for your business or personal profile, you can get more engagement on your Twitter account with a strategic approach. Twitter, of course, has a massive user base. With almost 330 million active users, Twitter is making a significant contribution to business growth and brand visibility.

However, based on advice from top creators, here are five top tactics that struggling brands can adopt to improve their tweet performance:

  1. Twitter’s revenue share program: Twitter has a program where they share ad revenue with creators. To participate and earn money, you need to be a paying subscriber of Twitter Blue. Being a subscriber can also boost the reach of your tweets and increase user engagement in your content.
  2. Avoid external links: Twitter prefers and wants its users to stay on the platform. Therefore, tweets that are linked to other websites get comparatively less reach. So, sharing your content directly on Twitter instead of linking to external websites, indeed, works better.
  3. Hashtags: While hashtags might help your tweets show up in related searches and gain more visibility, they can also divert people’s attention away from your content. You may test whether or not to use hashtags to find what works best for you.
  4. Use eye-catching visuals: Including attractive images or videos in your tweets will grab people’s attention and get you more views. It’s a simple yet worth-considering tip to drive more traffic to your platform.
  5. Focus on long-form content: Twitter is now giving more importance to longer replies and tweets with more content. So, try to create engaging and informative tweets that encourage users to spend more time reading them.

On the whole, to increase engagement on Twitter, concentrate on making your tweets more captivating. Plus, try to keep users on the platform while creating long and valuable content. These tactics simply align with Twitter’s algorithm and can help you tap into their revenue sharing program. Stay engaged for more tips and tricks to build a strong online presence!





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