The number of Instagram followers have repeatedly showcased its power of influence and how it actually can be converted for maximised advantages especially when it comes to brands and businesses on Instagram. 


It has also given the owners large credibility and a platform to showcase their elevated digital presence along with their creativity. Not to mention how the traction of followers can actually strategically be converted into sales and then revenue. It all starts from the feed, number of followers, and the traffic on your page. However, to ensure that your existing followers help into the conversion of sales, you would need to adopt precise strategies that can provide you with the results. 


-Pay active attention to what you post on the feed, how frequent you post, the engagement that it attracts and the kind of response your products and feed pulls. It is a major responsibility to provide the audience with an accurate but beautiful visual representation of the products so that you can beat the competition because there is no lack of it. It also means keeping a check on your insights to align your ways according to it. Your virtual profile acts as a physical representation of your shop which is why it needs to be ornamented exquisitely so that you can attract large number of followers in the first place is the absolute essential. 


Host giveaways, discounts and offers especially during occasions along with making sure that you promote it equally well with a hype. These giveaways could be used strategically to gain more followers which you can add as a minimum requirement to be eligible to participate along with making them spread the word and share about it. The discounts and offers can be shared with a few lucky winners or whenever your website comes up with it, it should first be directly shared on the platform as well. 


Form a community where you can be direct, authentic and communicative with your audience. Listen to their criticism and feedback while making sure to make improvements wherever needed. On the other hand, be sure to use almost all the tools offered by Instagram to maximise your chances of success. Use highlights to categorize and showcase your reviews, bts, product launches. Post active stories to showcase your daily work and updates. Form an authentic connection with your customers by personally messaging them and asking for their feedback. 

-Positively share the link of your websites and accurate links of the products so that they can be easily accessed without any hassle. Make sure you reply quickly without making the target audience wait or experience any inconvenience. Use Call to Action so that the users can check out your websites and recent additions along with frequently engaging with them while keeping them in loop. 


-Make sure to aim at your target audience to share about your products and site, along with keeping a check on your competitors. You can then also begin to collaborate with Influencers along with adopting other methods to exponentially increase your followers. Be sure to stay ahead of your Instagram game because if done right, it can alone transform the sales and increase them by a great and impressive margin.

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