Now that almost everything has taken a turn towards the virtual, it is hard to not stay up to date especially because almost every other person is ahead of the game. When it comes to creators and influencers, their major medium to communicate and bond well with their audience are the social media platforms.


However, due to pandemic and isolation among the people, users started replacing their everyday tasks with the virtual happenings. For example, Meet and Greets which is considered to be a great event to finally meet your audience, connect with them in person and even engage better with them also turned into an online meeting soon. Where many users started opting for the online mode to meet and engage with their followers on social media itself. 


The meet and greet which could be before or after any major event, launch, introductions or even for general communication. The best part of a virtual meet and greet is also that it is accessible to so many people and is convenient for them all. 

Ways  to make sure that the virtual meet and greet is successful- 



Make sure to select the right platform for where you want to host your virtual meet and greet and be precise about the selection because it is important that you select a space that you think would generate more traffic and bring in more users. Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Clubhouse and others can be explored along with the mode such as if you want to keep the session open to all like through a live session or a public room, or whether you would like to keep the room private and hold it for select individuals. 



Make sure that your agenda for the meet and greet is clear and sorted so that you are able to seamlessly go through the session without any hassle. Make sure to keep the major information for the end so that you can create the hype. Also, whether it is for a launch, or having fun, or simply engaging with the audience, ensure that all your events are lined up clearly for the evening. 


Engage well and bring in your enthusiasm-  

Depending on the way your session is being hosted, if there is a host who is mediating the session for you, make sure they are in their high spirits and if you are managing alone, then make sure to create an environment that is filled with enthusiasm, fun and activities that brings in a strong energy. Make sure to engage well with the audience and keep the event interesting and interactive.   


Create a hype as well as promote your event ahead of time- 

Make sure to hype up your event on all your platforms, entice the audience with some interesting activities that may take place, create beautiful invitations which then can be put up on all the platforms, stories and can also be shared by your friends and audiences. Keep interesting giveaways or some surprising news for a few lucky participants or come up with something similar so that you can catch hold the attention of the audience and entice them to attend as well as increase the engagement. 


Stick to schedule and ideas- 

Stickicking to schedule as well as ensuring there are some official or unofficial moderators in the session so that they can prevent if anything goes south and help out in making the event a success as well as positive.

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