Podcasts have seemingly taken over many social media platforms in the past few years which is why many influencers themselves have jumped on this bandwagon. From interviews to storytelling, Podcasts have redefined the entire way of communication where it first started with only voice recordings but have now also expanded upto full recording with cameras to showcase the entire thing. 


Not only do they provide a warmer feeling and make conversations seem imperative but it also opens up a new way of discourse to bring about a change from every little to large thing. However, if one wants to start their own Podcast channel, how do they begin? 

Where to begin in order to invite guests on your Podcast and make it a success? 



The first idea is to prepare and plan what your podcast circles around and if there are any selected topics that you want your podcast to remain focused on. Whether you want to let the conversation stick in a candid, intimate way or if you want to stick to professional topics which can alter according to the guests. 


Implement actions- 

Create a channel on Youtube and make sure to keep a catchy name for your podcast that holds the power to attract users, such as “2 Peas in a Pod” which is run by 2 Indian brothers and has managed to grab attention just by the mere name of their podcast which is catchy and intriguing. Provide a description and make sure to share an introductory video as well. Considering your podcast is on Youtube, you also need to choose whether you want to keep it only through audio, or both audio and video. You could also experiment with various platforms. 

Narrow down your guests- 

Create a list of all the people that you are willing to start with and because you are new at this as well, it would be bright to start with micro influencers, and those who have a small number of followers. You could also start with someone from your own circle, or use your networks and contacts to start reaching out to people who you think will be interesting to start with. As you keep growing, you can start with reaching out to bigger influencers and shooting your shot to see what works. 


Create a pitch- 

Create a pitch that you think is interesting, informative and brief that will compel the potential guest to say yes to the idea of your podcast. Make sure to extend an offer that they cannot refuse and be strategic with your selection and process so that you can efficiently make it work. 


Promote and hype your episodes- 

Make sure to promote your episodes ahead of time on various social media platforms so that users can get familiar with your podcast before and would look forward to the episode being released. You can also take some fun snippets from the podcast and share it as a preview across social media so that you can attract engagement on the video when it is posted. 

Create a schedule, playlist and plan- 

Make sure to create a schedule about posting on time, working on topics, finding new guests, experimenting with the podcast, along with categorizing podcasts into a playlist on the basis of topics, seasons or number of episodes so that it looks organised and clear. Similarly, be clear about your topics for the upcoming guests and ideas regarding the same. 



Make sure to provide ample time to the cover, thumbnail, description, script, promotions, visual appearance, planning for the shoot or call, background, methods to promote it, etc. Keep your sessions interactive, fun and relevant. Be very clear about your ways to make your podcast visually appealing as well as informative and clear so that it can be a hit the road to success!

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