If you consider yourself as someone who is either an Influencer or a content creator in rising then you must already be aware about the time issues that come up especially because you are expected to post almost every other day and satiate your audience’s hunger for fresh content. Not to mention how absolutely strenuous it gets to churn out new ideas for content in order to keep up with your channel and profile. 


However, it is a given that if you are a creator who is juggling their work between multiple social media platforms then how hectic it gets to stay up to date with all of them and create distinct content in order to keep up with each platform. 


However, there are a few ways that you can opt for in order to manage your time between different platforms- 



If you do not create a schedule and abide by it then sooner or later you will find yourself in a rut where you will be burnt out with no ideas in your head. Thus, it is a bright idea to plan ahead and create a thorough plan. Be sure to  note down whenever you get new ideas so that you do not let them go to vain and can refer to them whenever. Also be careful about how much time you spend on curating content and consuming content on each platform. 



There are many applications solely based on scheduling posts, planning ahead for content, noting down ideas and even creating content. You can visually plan your profile and feed as well as schedule content along with reminders so that your time and effort gets saved. There are many management applications that also lets you save and record all the insights from different platforms so that you have everything at one place which makes it all convenient. 


Cross posting- 

If there is content that you seemingly think would fit in on multiple channels but with slight alterations then do not hesitate to pull it off. Each platform brings in its own audience and algorithm which is why you never know which idea will end up working and hitting the road of success. Thus, use different snippets of your content in new ways to then post it on distinct platforms. This will definitely save time and make it easier for you to curate more in a lesser time. 


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