If you want to see an exponential increase in leads then you need to run ads on various platforms. Have you ever given LinkedIn ads a thought? Millions of people are using LinkedIn to merge ahead and it could be the right place for you to reach your target audience. Many leading brands are using LinkedIn paid ads to acquire new customers as it is enormously effective in generating leads. Considering all this, you can’t afford to ignore LinkedIn advertising any longer. Before you start running ads on LinkedIn you have to know how the platform works and what it has to offer:

1. Sign in to the LinkedIn Campaign Manager

2. Set a relevant ad objective

3. Master your ad targeting

4. Choose the right LinkedIn ad types

Once you’ve decided on which LinkedIn ad type you want to test, it’s time to discover the best practices that will help you run successful ad campaign.

Best practices for running ads on LinkedIn

Follow proper LinkedIn ad specs

Your LinkedIn ads need to instantly attract and draw in your target audience and you can’t do that without outstanding visuals. When creating visuals for your ads, make sure you maintain the correct LinkedIn ad specs.

Use LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms

Make it easier for your prospects to turn into leads by using LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms with your sponsored content and sponsored InMail. These forms auto-populate the form fields with relevant information about the prospect. Since there’s minimal effort required from your target audience, they can move along the funnel and convert into qualified leads quickly.

Measure your ad performance 

You would obviously run an ad on LinkedIn with the hope of getting some return on your investment. This makes it crucial to monitor and measure your ad success so you can see whether your investment is paying off. Perhaps you might even notice that some LinkedIn ad types are working better than others and you’ll want to shift your focus towards those. You might also find that some ads aren’t delivering any results at all, so you’d want to stop setting money toward something that doesn’t work.

Test and optimize 

Based on the insights collected from your performance tracking you’ll discover some excellent opportunities and ideas to improve your ads. Run A/B tests on different LinkedIn ad types, ad creatives, ad copy and CTAs. Find out what resonates with your audience and use that to further improve your ad performance. Additionally, you might even want to use A/B testing to optimize your ad targeting. Make slight alterations to your targeting criteria to identify which audiences are most responsive to your ads. This will eventually help you perfect your LinkedIn ad targeting and get more out of your advertising efforts.

With the right approach, LinkedIn advertising offers plenty of opportunities to connect with the right audience and grow your business.

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