To be perceived as an active brand on LinkedIn, you’ll need to publish content from your company page. Let’s look at the key types of organic content that can drive a successful LinkedIn marketing strategy.


Attract new prospects: Lead magnets

Like their name suggests, lead magnets are designed for attracting prospects, which means they should be an integral part of your LinkedIn lead generation strategy. Lead magnets can come in many different formats, ranging from ultimate guides to complete eBooks to cutting-edge reports.



No matter what format they take, lead magnets should contain exclusive information that potential clients can’t access elsewhere. Because lead magnets provide so much unique value, prospects are willing to give away their contact information in exchange. They get to access your content and you get to add them to your sales pipeline—a win-win situation.


Build trust: Case studies

In the consideration stage of the sales funnel, prospects are typically looking for a brand they can trust to provide a successful solution. Lead magnets can help build trust, but case studies tend to be even better for establishing credibility. After all, case studies show evidence that your solution delivers results, which can convince prospects that it can work for them, too.

To use case studies for lead generation, choose a compelling snippet to share on LinkedIn. Then link to the full story on your company’s website, where you can more effectively introduce prospects to your business and encourage them to learn more about your solutions.


Nurture leads: How-to content

Once prospects are in your sales pipeline, you can publish LinkedIn content that cultivates leads and guides them toward a decision. Tutorials, guides, and how-to content can seamlessly show prospects that you understand their needs while demonstrating how your products or services can address them.


Establish authority and expertise: Share thought leadership from inside your company

Creating how-to content is just one of many ways to provide value on LinkedIn. By sharing your company’s unique insights, you can also establish your business as an industry leader. Company pages have three main options for sharing thought leadership on LinkedIn:

  • LinkedIn posts can include media like images and videos, as well as captions with up to 3,000 characters. They can also include links to in-depth blog posts and other insights.
  • LinkedIn articles can include 110,000 characters and offer web page–style formatting. Similar to blog posts, they’re ideal for syndicating your company’s most insightful content.



  • LinkedIn newsletters let you distribute content to subscribers weekly or monthly. As a new company page feature for January 2022, newsletters hold a lot of potential for lead generation.



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