A higher follower count means more influence as well as signals that your audience and clients are interested in your content. Fast-moving and so simple to use, Twitter is arguably the easiest social following to grow from scratch. Nearly half of all marketers commend Twitter as their go-to network for engaging with customers. In this quick guide, we’re going to conquer exactly how to get more Twitter followers. Here are some actionable steps you should take to attract valuable and real followers on Twitter:

Tweet frequently 

Twitter requires a much more combative content strategy than other social media platforms. To maximize your engagement you need to tweet more often. Context and competitive analysis are crucial as you must always try to be one step ahead of your competitors. The key is to not only promote or go on about yourself. Your content could be about anything. There are endless opportunities to it. Tweets from your followers. Relevant industry articles. Buzzworthy stats. Breaking news. Personal updates. The list goes on and on. Filling up your Twitter feed with fresh content lets potential followers know that you’re active, engaging, and well, worth following.

Time your tweets strategically

Speaking of timing, blasting your tweets while your target audience is sleeping won’t help you gain new followers. The perfect timing mostly depends on your time zone and audience. Timing your tweets can help your account gain some much-needed exposure. Ideally, you should schedule tweets to hit the times where users are more active and tweet in real-time at intervals throughout the day as well.

Post more visual content 

Tweets containing visual content receive more likes, shares and retweets than those without them. Try to couple your tweets with some sort of accompanying image. Although there’s nothing inherently wrong with solely text-based tweets, images are better poised to stop serial scrollers and encourage them to take a look at your post. Coupling your tweets with GIFs or memes has become common practice as well. Infographics have proven to work really well on the platform. You must signal the strength of video content marketing. Whether you’re looking to inform or entertain your audience (or both), filling your feed with visual content can help bring new followers into the fold.

Utilize hashtags 

Think of hashtags as a way to make your posts searchable, almost as a form of SEO for your Twitter account. Tweets with hashtags do better and receive more engagement than tweets without them. Adding on a couple of hashtags to any given tweet is a quick way to increase the likelihood of new followers finding your account. To inject some personality into your feed and to avoid sounding too suit-and-tie, you can start off with popular community hashtags. The only thing with hashtags is that you don’t want to go overboard. Posts brimming with hashtags look spammy at a glance and are otherwise distracting. Spamming won’t be necessary when you know which of your hashtags attract the most followers, so choose the right one from the plethora available.

Optimize your profile 

To make your account look more inviting to new followers you must include these in your profile– a clean profile photo, relevant information and what you represent. Tags, keywords and other descriptions help you boost your credibility. Simply put, fine-tuning these pieces of your profile help guarantee a positive first impression with new followers.

Engage with replies, retweets and tags 

Getting more followers on Twitter doesn’t have to be a time-sink: it just means making the most of the time you spend on the platform. Regularly engaging with other users via tagging, retweeting and replying immediately draws new followers to your account. Writing out a detailed, thoughtful response will score you more potential followers than a brief one-word reply. If you want to be tagged by others, you should do the same yourself. These small pieces of your content strategy contribute to the bigger picture of attracting followers. Any combination of tagging, retweeting and replying don’t have to take long but are essential to letting those potential followers know you’re active.

Funnel followers outside of Twitter 

You can win more followers on Twitter by promoting your profile beyond the platform. There’s no shame in plastering your profile wherever you can to help encourage new followers. Also, syncing your contact list to Twitter can help you tap into your existing network of people most likely to follow you. If your synced contacts are on Twitter, your account has a higher chance of showing up as a suggestion under the “Who to Follow” section. By doing so you can score a lot of new followers with very little work on your part. And with that we end our list!

Growing your Twitter following doesn’t happen by accident. A combination of planning your content, engaging with fellow users and optimizing your profile is key to attracting new followers.

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