If you are someone who is looking for various ways to expand their personal brand or business online then you have to enthusiastically use various social media platforms and use it to the maximum efficiency so that you can gain the absolute benefits through it. 


There are many such platforms that are used to enhance branding such as Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. but one need not forget the gem hidden behind that is Pinterest. However, where one may be a stranger to the working of Pinterest, another may be using it to its core and getting transforming results for growth. As Pinterest harbours more than 265 million users and many of them have the potential to get converted into your viewers, potential leads, customers, etc. which is why not to use Pinterest wholly will be a mistake that will cling to your growth. 


How to initiate your journey with Pinterest? 

Well for starters, one needs to create an account and then follow other boards that will catch the attention of a few people. Then move ahead to fill in your own boards and get on to pinning. You can start with finding inspiration through exploring other accounts, boards, etc. and save them as well. Further, you can start posting your own pins and target the audience precisely to get results. 

However, to get the maximum advantages and opportunities through any platform, one needs to have a strong presence on that platform as well. No matter which category that they are standing for, the first impression tends to stay a long time. 


Here are some of the ways to build an impressive presence on Pinterest- 


1. Focus on target audience- 

It is imperative to know what your brand or identity stands for so that you can precisely focus on the target audience and what exactly will you be offering them through your content. It does not matter if your pins are for entertainment purpose or educational purposes but either way it has to be of good quality and should be able to stand apart. 


2. Strategies- 

Since day one, start investing some time into researching and planning about what all goes into your competition and their boards. Then use relevant and useful keywords so that your search visibility gets increased and you get more traffic in comparison. The keywords and hashtags should be relevant to your field so that your audience can rightly end up on your account when searching. You can also attach links to your blogs and sites to lead the traffic there and maximise the benefits attached. 

3. Profile- 

Be sure to make your account look enhanced and aesthetic such as choosing the right catchy name and profile picture that entices the audience right away. Invest time into creating a perfect bio that accurately represents what you do and what the profile stands for while making sure that your profile offers just that. Make it appear visually aesthetic, appealing and strong. 


4. Board- 

Start with the creation of a Pinterest board where you can pin, repin, and share content in accordance to the particular boards. Give the particular board an appealing name and you can also explore the secret icon in which the board will be visible only to you or someone you give access to. This works great for drafting content beforehand. For description and title, give it interesting captions and appeal so that it creates a difference. 


5. Business- 

If you wish to organically grow your Pinterest and the audience then once your profile is set up and initiated then you can move ahead to opt for paid advertisements and use their campaigns to land up more opportunities, broaden your audience and get twice the traffic. Be sure to switch to a business profile and also keep an eye out for insights, analytics and performance of your content so as to improve it. 


Pinterest offers great leverage and advantages to users and also enhances your social media presence, business growth and profits. Plan and research well so that you can dive into creating wonderful content and pins as well as share enriching content with your audience to then create a community through them and thrive. 

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