Yes! Musk is full of surprises. Well, this time, it’s all about Twitter’s LOGO. Twitter has replaced its iconic bird logo with ‘X’ as the new official logo following Elon Musk’s announcement over the weekend. The change is already visible on the website. Interestingly, Musk mentioned that now takes you to

What are the Latest X Icons?

Musk’s “X” obsession isn’t something new; became PayPal, SpaceX features the “X” logo, and his latest ventures include and renaming Twitter Inc. to X Corp in April. Musk also changed the Twitter logo to Doge before and now to the “X” logo. Twitter’s iconic bird logo wasn’t present in its early years. In 2010, they introduced the logo called “Larry the Bird.”

The decision to change branding follows Musk’s response to a user, mentioning Twitter’s “negative cash flow” due to a 50% drop in advertising revenue and a significant debt burden. “Twitter’s CEO, Linda Yaccarino, tweeted that X will surpass Twitter’s impact by introducing features centered around audio, video, messaging, payment and becoming a global marketplace for ideas, goods, services, and opportunities. An ambitious vision indeed.

Musk aims to transform Twitter into an all-in-one app similar to WeChat in China. However, he doesn’t think expanding the company’s scope requires more teams and technical members. This perspective follows his decision to dismiss over half of Twitter’s staff when he took over the company.

Musk’s Twitter fun, of course, never ceases. From pulling the plug on servers to limiting tweets, he never fails to surprise users. Now, he’s changed the logo on a whim. He asked his followers to design an “X” logo and boom! One lucky suggestion got picked and shared on his profile.

Wrapping up

Musk’s ambitious vision for Twitter to become an all-encompassing app and become a global marketplace reflects his relentless drive. However, his approach to expanding the company’s scope without adding more teams or technical members raises questions. Nonetheless, Musk’s leadership has brought significant changes to Twitter, and the future may hold more transformations.

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