Elon’s idea of changing Twitter has been fun for a few and a headache for many. Since the day Elon took over the charge of Twitter, people have been experiencing day-to-day surprises. Isn’t that right? This time, Twitter has lost its two important safety executives as Elon Keeps Shaking Things Up.

Challenges in Twitter’s safety

In a tweet posted by Ella Irwin, the news of her resignation has been confirmed. Besides Ella Irwin, the other executive to depart is AJ Brown. Also, brown refused to entertain the comments and the questions asking about his resignation. Basically, the two executives were responsible for ensuring brand safety, which means whether or not the content was safe and suitable for the promotions.

It has been found out that Irwin was very much involved in doing the right thing for the platform concerning offensive content on Twitter. Also, sources have revealed that Irwin was loyal to her duty and was willing to take his stand on the matter. There is also some news on Elon’s complaint about Twitter posts handling associated with transgenders that somehow heated the matter. In reality, it was merely a response to daily wire’s co-CEO, Jeremy Boreing’s complaints.

Indeed, playing the role of a trust and safety executive on Twitter seems to be even more challenging under Elon’s rule. Furthermore, Elon has made the rules of bringing up content to the platform more flexible than before. Also, his attempt to bring back the banned accounts, plus the removal of identity verification, has brought up a lot of new changes in the system.

However, Elon is attempting to build a positive relationship with advertisers with the assistance of Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. Linda Yaccarino has been appointed as the CEO recently and working to improve the current Twitter scenario.

There has been news of Twitter experiencing several resigns by employees in the past also. Irwin and Brown aren’t the only one to resign since Elon took over as CEO; earlier in November, Yoel Roth, a vocal critic of the company, resigned as well.  There isn’t much clear information on why exactly Ella Irwin and AJ Brown resigned. However, the departure of both executives has made the platform vulnerable to offensiveness and other issues concerned with safety.

It has been seen as Elon’s wrong move and raised much concern for the platform. Besides, there has been found a significant decline in Twitter’s overall revenue since the month of October. It seems entirely unpredictable now what Elon has else to roll out. So, stay in touch for more updates.









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