According to recent screenshots, the new Super Followers only Spaces will feature a distinct color palette for the Spaces link, with a message at the top indicating that it’s a ‘Super Followers only’ broadcast. Those who aren’t paying subscribers will still be able to witness these broadcasts when they are shared, but they must first join up as Super Followers.

That may be a terrific method to help develop your subscriber base by delivering exclusive Spaces. Others can see the preview and see who else is listening in, which could be a powerful temptation for them to join up. But, overall, Super Follows remains a minor feature as Twitter continues to experiment with creator revenue tools to give top producers additional reasons to make the app a priority.

Twitter Launches Super Follower Only Spaces as it Builds on its Creator Monetization Options | #socialmedia - NATIONAL CYBER SECURITY NEWS TODAY

Twitter hasn’t provided any official statistics on Super Follower usage. Still, in its most recent financial report, the business stated that it earned $94 million in subscription and other income (including data licensing), a 31 percent decline year over year. Given that Super Follows was released in September, this would imply that interest has been relatively low thus far – yet, at the same time, not many individuals can currently activate the option.

Users that have access to Super Follows can choose a monthly membership fee of $2.99 to $9.99, with Twitter collecting a tiny portion of each transaction. Part of the issue with Super Follows is that there are not a lot of rationales for individuals to pay when they can view people’s tweets for free. So why would they begin to pay for them now?

Super Follows and Ticketed Spaces are coming to Twitter | TechCrunch

The approach allows producers to share exclusive tweets with their paying users. There are additional ways to provide members-only content. However, Super Follow goes against the platform’s essence, which has always been about more open, public dialogue.

For many, this is more difficult than it appears. While some users may believe that people will just pay to read their tweets because they enjoy them and what they publish on the app, the fact is that they will not unless there are some genuinely tempting add-on aspects to incentivize that purchase. This is where Super Follower Spaces may come into play. It may wind up being an excellent, easy bait to assist authors in optimizing their app subscriptions.

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