Instagram has grown in popularity as a photo-sharing social media platform over time. The Facebook-owned platform’s Stories component has been a great hit, with users enjoying sharing everything they’re up to through this 24-hour photo and video service. Instagram is currently testing a new layout for Stories that could prove problematic for producers. Excessive postings will be hidden in this new Instagram Stories style. As per a 9to5Mac article, a Brazilian user discovered that the Instagram app only showed three other people’s Stories.

According to the study, just a small percentage of users have received the update. This suggests Instagram is still evaluating these improvements before making them available to everyone. Furthermore, there is no assurance that the new improvements will be made available to all users. Instagram users can currently post up to 100 stories at once. Users must now tap a “Show All” button to see the remainder of the Stories in this new layout. Otherwise, viewers will only be able to read three stories with this new upgrade, and Instagram will go to the next person’s Stories.

How is this change effective?

Because most users are used to tapping the screen to see all Stories from an account at once, the new Instagram Stories layout will be a substantial change. After the update, Instagram users will no longer be able to use this touch gesture. This could be a problem for creators, as Stories published after the third are likely to receive fewer views.

Users will be able to see more posts from more people in a shorter amount of time, and they will be able to skip the Stories if they aren’t fascinated by the material. Several producers rely on Instagram as a tool, and these changes could be detrimental to them.

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