Following Twitter’s downtime on Thursday (February 23), thousands of Twittrati experienced issues around the world. Many Twitter users reported that they couldn’t reach the microblogging site on different social media channels. According to, over 2000 users reported having difficulties using Twitter, of which 55% had issues with mobile applications, 36% had issues with the website, and 9% had issues with server connections.

FOr how long was Twitter down?

The social media platform’s downtime was short, and after some time, the microblogging website’s services were resumed. Global users earlier on February 19 also complained that they couldn’t access Twitter on their mobile devices. The monitoring website experienced a significant increase on February 19 between midnight and 2 AM. In many regions of the globe, Twitter was unavailable for more than two hours.

Media reports state that 56% of all complaints originated from smartphone users, who also made for the majority of complaints. Although they are probably looking into the cause of the outage, Twitter has not released a formal comment regarding the issue. Twitter is having trouble displaying messages on the timeline, so there appears to have been an outage. Media accounts state that more than 500 complaints have already been filed in the short time since the disruption, which is anticipated to have happened after 10 p.m. According to the outage-tracking website, 56% of reports were made by smartphone users, while 37% and 8%, respectively, complained about issues with the website and server access.

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