Twitter, a platform for microblogging, publicly acknowledged that a built-in Notes feature was in development. Instead of the standard ‘tweets’, which are limited to 280 characters, users of Twitter will be able to compose long-form material on the network using notes. Due to ongoing testing, the feature is only presently accessible in a few countries, including the US, UK, Ghana, and Canada. Twitter used two GIFs to explain how the Notes feature will operate.

Twitter users will be enabled to type out their long-form content into a “Write” tab in Notes, a distinct portion of the programme. Later, to post this larger work, it can be integrated into a tweet. Twitter also notes that a group of writers has been assisting the platform’s testing of the functionality by creating lengthy pieces that incorporate other tweets, photographs, and videos.

The revelation isn’t particularly surprising given that there have been rumours about Twitter working on a long-form writing function for months. Twitter user Jane Manchun Wong posted screenshots of the functionality back in May of this year. This is a significant development for Twitter itself, despite the fact that. The well-known social media/micro-blogging platform was formerly recognised for its distinctive compact text style, which required all of the information in a “tweet” to fit into 140, and subsequently, 280 characters.

The introduction of Notes might quickly alter how consumers actually use Twitter. Although it might be argued that Twitter has already been used for longer text material by connecting several tweets into a ‘thread,’ with Notes, Twitter would be actively promoting the usage of a longer text format in addition to the shorter tweets, which would still be used. Posting longer pieces with Notes directly on Twitter, as The Verge noted in a report, could aid in making the material indexable for marketing and search purposes. We still don’t know when Notes will be available in other countries like India, but if the feature’s popularity quickly increases in the few places it is already available, that could indicate that it will soon be available everywhere.

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