There’s no doubt that social media has taken over our life. What we do, what we buy, how we work everything is influenced by social media. The popularity of social media sites keep on fluctuating with every single move a social media makes in its upgradation or it may also be due to the influence of the social media influencers on particular social media sites.

The year 2021 has seen several changes in the top social media sites regularly. As more and more people are using social media daily, it is interesting how some of the popular social media sites fluctuate in domination.


Facebook is the only social media site that always dominates the list of top social media sites every year. There is no exception this year too. But it is interesting to know Facebook doesn’t stop rising high. In 2021, there has been a rise in daily active users of Facebook to 2.7 billion daily active users from 2.5 billion daily active users out of which India alone has approximately 300 million users making it the country with highest number of daily active users followed by USA. Facebook is best used to target older audiences.


The most popular social media site among the young audience, Instagram is growing at a faster rate than the other social media sites with more than 500 million active users daily. Don’t be shocked when one day it will take over Facebook to become the top social media site in near future. Even though it will be a win-win situation for Facebook, as it acquired Instagram in 2012.  The popularity of Instagram to post photos, make videos and reels gave rise to Instagram influencers. Instagram offers many other features and benefits for business and creators to reach their content among the large Instagram community.


As more and more people spend their time on twitter to connect with people and express their opinion through tweets, twitter rose to 220 million daily active users, an upsurge in its daily active users from 180 million last year. Twitter helps customers to express views, opinions and any complaints about brands. Twitter helps businesses to build a positive public image. One of the reasons that makes twitter stand out from other social media sites is that it never crashed for technical issues, unlike Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp crashing multiple times in the last two years.


WhatsApp, or what users call it famous free messaging app, has made into top 5 social media sites. WhatsApp being a personal app that allows users to chat, but now has many new features to make users connect with other users easily. You cannot only chat but also make voice and video calls with other people. The popularity of WhatsApp in easing the communication led to 2 billion active users daily, 400 million in India alone.


Snapchat has grown over the past few years due to its unique feature. The photos and videos you sent known as ‘snaps’ disappear after viewing. With more than 400 million daily active users around the world, snapchat is mainly used by teenagers and young audiences. Many marketers use this as an opportunity to target young audiences through snapchat. Youngsters are continuously involved in sending snaps to their friends and maintaining ‘snapstreak.’ Apart from that, snapchat also allows users to save snaps in ‘memories’ option. Young audiences are attracted towards its interesting and fun filters.


The top social media sites keep on changing sometimes annually, sometimes monthly. But what doesn’t change is the specification and unique features they provide for the users and business to reach the large audience.

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