If you’re a business owner you are likely to spend time finding ways to promote your brand through social marketing.

There are now 4.2 billion users on social media who spend approx 2 hr 25 mins each day on social media. This is the time that you have to target to promote your business :

  1.  create brand awareness
  2. bond with your target audience
  3. make sales and do business directly on these platforms.

Here is your guide to make your business thrive on social media platforms:

Pick the perfect apps for you

Different people use social media for different reasons, it is your job to pick out the right platforms for your business based on your target audience.

By knowing why different people use social different apps you can post suitable content for your audience and that will increase the odds of your post getting more engagements.


Here are some important apps to include:


With 2.6 billion active monthly Facebook is the most obvious platform for your business as it is a more engagement-based platform. pictures and videos get engagements as well as behind the scene updates.


Instagram is also a great way to create brand awareness and bag engagements than out-right sales. you just need to get the most out of it and break into igtv, stories, pics, reels, etc. You can also engage by connecting with the audience and try out influencer marketing.


As it is the biggest business networking site, you can perform outright business by still providing high-quality content.

By using LinkedIn you can set up webinars, organize classes and provide downloadable content. You can target the specific audience based on their job title, seniority, and status.


Pinterest is more focused on demographics and art forms, it provides the best quality graphics and pictures for events, weddings, parties, decorations, so if your business falls under any of these categories then Pinterest is the perfect app for you.


Twitter is the mixture of all the apps a mentioned above in the right measure. It can be used to conduct live question tweet sessions and provide customer services.


YouTube is by far the most difficult platform to be successful on but the most effective way to expand your business is to collaborate with influencers and sponsor videos.

Pick your target audience

Social media allows you to micro-target your audience thus determining your specific audience is essential. you can compile data on your users and then dig deeper using social media analytics.

After you have found your audience start building your buyer persona which will help you communicate with them.

 Expand your reach

Once you know who your audience is try to find ways of reaching similar people more on a large scale.

For example “the great courses plus” switched up its Facebook marketing strategy to reach customers abroad and successfully did so in the UK, Canada, Australia.

You can also use social media to expand the audience for your local business.

Bond with your audience

In social media, there is an opportunity to build a trusted bond with your audience and talk to them directly rather than up-front sales. More than 44% of people spend time on social media researching new brands.

Therefore when they engage with your content you must engage back to create a loyal relationship. The more they share your content the more your exposure, sale, and algorithms.

1.    Make chat groups

2.    collaborate with similar influencers

3.    engage with the audience through stories and posts

4.    Make the most out of built-in interactive tools

 Participate in trends

Pay attention to trends but do not try to follow each one of them. You should have a clear idea of what your audience is looking for and then create original content that resonates over time.

Why are people on social media?:

  1. To find funny content
  2. Be up to date with current events
  3. Just to pass time
  4. Stay connected to friends
  5. Sharing interesting media


Go ahead with keeping your audience’s current needs in mind. By paying attention to their needs you will be able to make content that they might connect to.

 Start affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing has different forms it is your call to find the right one for you. You can ask your followers to promote your brand and then reward them if they can pull a customer.

You can also collaborate with writers, film-makers, influencers to promote your page, and if they are successful to do so provide them with finder fees.


Instagram and Facebook have included this feature of self-destructing stories because it is a powerful way to promote your page. Stories are an effective alternative to create brand awareness, entertain the audience without over-whelming them.

Right tools

Use automated tools in social to simplify your job. You can use social media to your advantage without having an entire team spending time on social media.

Track and improve

As you get on with your social media branding you need to track what works and whatnot. Keeping track and improving over time is the key to a successful brand. The automated tools mentioned above might help you to track the analytics and metrics that you need.

Run Ads To Your Ideal Audience

Social networking sites hold a huge amount of data about the users which will help you to run specifics ads targeting the specific audience.

You’ll have to keep a separate budget for that but it will be worth it. So spend at least 10% of your budget on ads.


Now you are aware of every skill you need to boost your brand through social media it is up to you how you put these tips to use.

If you are still struggling to keep up with your social media promotions you can always work with an agency or hire influencers, graphic designers to do your job but that will need you to increase your budget.

Be sure to let us know how much profit you get with these tips and how are you handling your socials for your business in the comments.






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