When it comes to Instagram, there are various rules that one needs to keep in mind and reflect on from time to time. Due to its strong and loud impact, Instagram is looked upto for almost all aspects. From content to influencers to features. 


With a large competition that has no aim for stopping down anytime soon, Instagram harbours a good number of creators and influencers who have managed to make a good use of the platform and many others who are climbing their way up with their own strategies. 


There are many features and strategies that we use to grow our profile and multiply our followers, however to do things correctly and precisely should be taken care of. 


When it comes to Engagement, which is one of the ways one builds connections and grows their profile, it is one of the most well known strategies besides hashtags and promotions which actually works and strengthens your profile. However, even with engagement it is necessary to do it in a way where it does not end up bringing down your profile rather elevating it. 


What is Engagement? 

Engagement is simply when you comment, like, and share other people’s post, hype them up, message them, build connections, do reposts or share each other’s content and how often you reach out to new profiles through searching and commenting on their posts so that they can arrive at your profile too to check out your content and acknowledge it. 


Here are some tips to engage well and right on Instagram- 


1. Many individuals have a habit of spamming and commenting on multiple posts in one go where they barely look at the post they are engaging with but just jump onto the task. Rather, what should be done is to analyse the post and then leave a warm comment which makes them genuinely appreciate your engagement and not just look at it as another spam comment. This way it is more likely that they will click on your profile as well.


2. Engaging with people who belong in the similar niche and category is very important as they and their audience are more likely to appreciate your content and maybe check out your profile as well. Make sure to only engage better with your target audience as only then will you witness results. Do not spend hours commenting on random accounts who will not even pay attention to your comment. Make sure that your comment looks distinct and genuine. 

3. Do not over-engage as this will increase your chances of getting banned or blocked, either temporarily or permanently from Instagram. Over engaging through commenting with only emojis or similar phrases makes you look like a bot which Instagram is trained to identify which is why it is necessary to not comment too often rather maintain a schedule that makes sure of you not over doing the engagement.


4. Make the comment seem relevant to their post such as do not directly jump in to say that “Hey, please check my profile.” It can go further to annoy people and their followers and spamming with this can also get you banned, rather compliment, acknowledge and appreciate the person’s post, leave a relevant remark and then ask them to check your profile if you are interested without imposing it. 


5. Do not follow, like or share too many posts in one go as it again has a tendency to come under the radar and make you seem like a bot which is why following and liking should be mindfully done. Make sure to warmly ask the person as well if you have proposals to grow together rather than making it seem like a robotic or insincere message.

Engagement can also be carried on with the help of stories, inbuilt features and call to action on your own posts and videos. Make sure to engage before and after posting content, teasers or posts that you wish for others to come across as it will also help with increasing the views on the side as well as multiply the profile visits.

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