Quora is one of the platforms that has been exponentially growing ever since it’s launch. The platform is user-friendly and smooth to use where users themselves search, ask and answer questions. Questions and Answers are both posted by the users themselves which can be accessed not just by those who hold a profile on the platform but everyone who wishes to access the answer or research on the particular topic. 


Quora as a platform now harbours more than 200 million users who now use the platform constantly for researching, retaining information and knowledge, as well as promoting quality answers that are actually beneficial and accurate. 

Here is a basic guide to get started on Quora and retain the maximum benefits out of the platform- 


1. Create an account- 

When you first open the application of Quora or the site, then you would be required to sign up and create an account. Creating an account will hardly take a few minutes as all you have to do is either link the account with email or google account or enter your credentials. You can also choose your own username and profile picture that seems appealing. 


2. Optimise your profile- 

You may move ahead to follow and add things on your profile that interests you and are relevant to your experience and expertise. The same will also add on to the credibility of your account and make your profile seem more trustworthy and genuine. This will make sure the same kind of topics ranging from movies, entertainment, science, fashion, cooking, and so much more. 


3. Ask a question- 

After creating an account, you can move ahead to the main task which is asking questions and researching. Click on the ‘Add a question’ option that is visible in the corner where you can type in your question, choose the category that aligns with the question. Your question will soon start receiving answers then. 


4. Answer questions- 

Quora as a platform and its users appreciate authentic, accurate, and good quality answers. You will come across various questions and if you have the expertise and experience then you can proceed to leave a good quality answer. The same can be upvoted and downvoted by the users which can also be used by you as a feature which is why it is necessary to remain dedicated and precise with the answers. 


It is beneficial to explore other answers, research, add bio and follow relevant topics that you are willing to strike a conversation on or answer with your experience. The same can also help you gather a strong credibility and make an impressive profile on Quora which will help in the long run. 

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