All of us have been using LinkedIn for a while. Some people use it to promote their campaigns, some people use it to maintain their professional profile on yet another social networking site and some people use it to find employees or interns for their firm. Do you count among them? Are you looking for additional advice to help you strengthen your online presence?

Well, you are in the right place because we will provide you with some advice on how to increase the importance of your presence. So, let’s dive right into it:

Expand your network:

Connecting your LinkedIn profile to your email address book is one of the fastest and most relevant ways to expand your network on the social media platform. This makes it possible for LinkedIn to recommend connections for you. Amazingly, this can surface appropriate contacts for you to get in touch with, and since no connection requests are sent without your consent, you have complete control over all prospective connections.

Activate the Creator mode:

A profile setting called “creator mode” might help you expand your network and power on LinkedIn. To access additional tools and services that assist you in producing content and expanding your LinkedIn audience, you can enable creator mode.

Consider following influential people in your sector:

When you follow relevant influencers on LinkedIn, a variety of intriguing items will appear in your feed, which you can share with others when you feel it will be helpful. Additionally, it helps to contextualise your LinkedIn profile and show your enthusiasm for what you do.

To broaden your audience and encourage interaction, share your blog content on LinkedIn:

Start the post with a quick personal observation. Using or similar software, shorten the URL. A full-service, professional shortener is  It has a thorough dashboard with statistics about your links. By shortening the URL, you make it simpler for readers to remember it and make it clearer what the material is about. Last but not least, check to see that your thumbnail looks fantastic.

Don’t limit your headline to a simple job title:

There is no requirement that the description at the top of your profile page consists solely of your work title. Use the headline field to elaborate on your perspective on your job, the motivations behind your actions, and what makes you tick. Take a look at the headlines on their profile pages if you have sales representatives at your organisation that are adept at social selling. They almost definitely won’t just list their job titles.

Start taking skills assessment test:

An online test called a skills assessment gives you the chance to show off your proficiency level and display the “Verified Skills” badge on your profile. Data indicates that applicants with confirmed capabilities are about 30% more likely to get hired for the positions they apply for; additionally, providing evidence of your expertise improves your brand more broadly. You are under no obligation to share the results of your skills assessments, and you are free to retake them as many times as necessary before declaring success.

It doesn’t have to take hours of your time to make your LinkedIn profile work harder for you. You’ll be astounded at the difference your LinkedIn profile can make for both you and your company if you’re utilising all of its benefits.

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