Have you ever found yourself browsing your social media feed with no particular goal? We’ve all been there, and it’s considered one of the most dangerous signs of smartphone addiction. TikTok, a short video platform, provides a solution for this. The business is releasing an in-app function that will prevent customers from scrolling ineffectively.

After using the app for a long time, TikTok will eventually display a reminder, adding a new layer to the daily restrictions. If a teen spends more than 100 minutes on the site daily, they will be prompted to use the screen time restricting feature. In addition, TikTok is introducing a new screen time dashboard to its app, which will display a summary of app activity. The length of time the app has been opened, and a split between daytime and nighttime usage will be included in these statistics. There’s also an overall counter for how much time you spend in the app daily.

TikTok expands max video length to 10 minutes, up from 3 minutes | TechCrunch

TikTok’s new feature follows in the footsteps of other social media platforms like Instagram and Netflix, which have implemented similar features to help users control their time on the app. In addition, Apple and Google have also implemented software-based measures for Android and iOS to educate users and encourage them to spend less time on screens.

Instagram is also taking steps to ensure that users’ stories do not contain all of their activities. In Brazil, the Meta-owned platform is experimenting with a new layout that only shows three levels simultaneously and conceals the rest. As a result, the app will only show three stories at a time, according to the person who discovered the impending Instagram feature, and the remainder will be hidden behind a “Show All” button.

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