TikTok is looking to relaunch in India, and it will be coming back with a new partnership. Krafton announced Battlegrounds Mobile India as the replacement for PUBG Mobile in May 2021. In addition, Bytedance has projects to develop new partnerships and is also looking to bring back TikTok in India with a new partnership strategy and rehire former employees.

What Is TikTok?

According to some reports Bytedance is in current talks with Hiranandani Group for the same project in India. Hiranandani is based out of Mumbai, and it is one of the largest housing developers in India, having projects located all over the country, including Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai. They also run a data center operation called Yotta Infrastructure Solutions and just launched a consumer services arm named Tez Platforms.

TikTok videos can now be 10 minutes

The union government has not yet been contacted by Bytedance and Hiranandani Group but has been told of potential ways this could happen. This partnership could be for Tez Platforms and data storage in Yotta Infrastructure’s data centers. If these negotiations go ahead, the possible avenues for collaboration include joining together in Hiranandani Group’s consumer technology business. Bytedance is also actively hiring for new roles in India.

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