Users of BeReal, one of the hottest social networking platforms right now, may recognise the new feature that Meta is testing on Instagram right away. Alessandro Paluzzi, a well-known leaker, announced on Twitter that Instagram is developing a function called Candid Challenges, which sends daily prompts to users to capture and share a real-time image within two minutes (at a different time each day).

About BeReal

If you’re not acquainted with BeReal, it’s a fairly new app that notifies you to take a selfie and a rear-facing photo of what you’re doing within two minutes at a random time once a day. According to what mobile developer and serial leaker Alessandro Paluzzi tweeted, IG Candid functions in the same way.

In essence, IG Candid allows users to take part in Candid Challenges by notifying them to take a dual snapshot of themselves and their surroundings that capture what they’re doing at that same moment at a different time each day. When the user replies to the notification, the Instagram camera opens both the front and rear lenses, and they have two minutes to capture the image.

However, it seems safe to anticipate that Instagram will ultimately release a response to BeReal if its popularity persists given how Meta and other social media juggernauts have handled responses to other well-known applications over the years. Reels is a clear answer to the success of TikTok, just as Instagram launched a Stories feature in response to the popularity of Snapchat’s Stories feature. The tech juggernaut Meta is by no means the only one to have released one or more murder clones. Another obvious attempt to capitalise on the popularity of short-form videos recorded vertically is YouTube Shorts, while Twitter launched Spaces in reaction to the success of Clubhouse.

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