We got in terms with the phenomenon of Micro Influencer marketing a few years back. Now, a Nano Influencer is considered all the rage. There’s no question that influencer marketing has been a gold rush both for brands and influencers. As soon as you step into any platform you’ll quickly see a plethora of advertisements for different products and services. Brands are now looking for people with smaller and smaller numbers of followers. While it was once a given that brands waited for someone’s following to reach into the tens of thousands, the number needed to do sponsored posts is getting smaller and smaller. Why are brands turning to people with tiny numbers of followers you ask? They need to have high engagement rates, because that’s what sells things. Influencers will a smaller number have a much more concise audience to influence as compared to the ones having millions of followers. There engagement rates are much higher as compared to the latter. In this post, we’ll talk about this rising trend: the Nano influencer and everything that you need to know about them. Let’s go!

Who are Nano Influencers?

The influencer marketing industry generally defines it as having between 1,000 and 10,000 followers. A Nano – influencer might talk about things that support their causes. They are not like mega influencers and have a stronger connection with their followers. These types of influencers have to work at networking more intentionally, and are thus great at it.

Benefits of working with Nano influencers

More authenticity 

Nano influencer profiles haven’t become a hugely commercial concern unlike mega influencers. Most people who pay attention to nano influencers take what they say more seriously than they might with the bigger names, and base their purchase decision on trusted value rather than spammy ad content. As the following of an influencer grows, they tend to be less like an amateur and begin to use more marketing strategy terms and tactics. Also, nano influencers have a lot more enthusiasm. Even if they aren’t getting paid yet, the attention is highly rewarding.

Better relationship with the audience 

Nano influencers, by definition of their smaller size, have a close and trustworthy relationship with their community. Nano-influencers foster a sense of closeness and community and have a more organic relationship with their followers. They interact with their audience and create genuine connections.

High engagement rates

It’s no surprise, then, that nano influencers often have very high engagement rates. One reason for this, of course, is that a higher percentage of followers tend to be people that they’re connected to personally. Because they don’t have as many people to keep track of, nano influencers are better at responding to their fans’ posts. This creates a feedback loop that encourages engagement.

Cost effective 

Another consideration is that nano influencers are much more affordable. It’s well known in our industry that some influencers are very expensive to work with, and that’s largely due to their huge following.  However, nano influencers will often work for free products or proceeds from an affiliate link. Giving away free products lets the influencer work with it and, in turn, produce the kind of content you need. Affiliate links are cheap for nano influencers, too. That’s because there aren’t very many people who are likely to click on the link and make a purchase. As the sponsoring company, you’re only paying for results.

How to find the right nano influencer for your brand’s influencer marketing?

Your first step is to find the right one. Since there are so many nano influencers out there, it may seem overwhelming to even look: the choices seem endless if you don’t know where to start. Follow these steps:

1. The first place to look for nano influencers is to look around you for people that already like, know, and trust you and have reached the threshold of being a nano influencer.

2. Follow related hashtags on Instagram or Twitter. By following hashtags, you’ll get the chance to see who is producing content that is relevant to your industry or brand.

3. Industry gatherings are a great way to meet and greet, and you never know when someone has a social media account where they have some influence. As an added plus, they know you personally and will treat your company accordingly.

4. Check out influencer marketplaces. These companies make it their job to find people who are willing to leverage their influence for compensation. You can find influencers with many different sized accounts, from nano up to macro.

At the end of the day, nano influencers are an important way for brands to reach potential customers. With their high level of engagement, enthusiasm, and authenticity, these everyday people are well equipped to help your brand grow. Best of all, they’re easy and economical to work with during a down-turned economy.

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