Instagram’s IGTV is a distinctive content format that allows marketers to better interact with their audience and gain more Instagram followers. It lets people convey a lot of information at once because it enables artists to show lengthier films. As many marketers buy Instagram views for IGTV, IGTV videos have increasingly become an important tool for social media marketing. Many people use it as part of an interview series to establish authority, while others utilise it to take their audience behind the scenes.

Whatever your goals are, there are a few things that all brands should think about before jumping into IGTV content. Here are a few things to think about while using IGTV for marketing:

Optimise for Silent Viewing

Sound On is not usually included in the Instagram default configuration. While some people tend to listen to music, many others prefer to focus solely on the images. This necessitates the creation of content that tickles the attention of all viewers, including those who choose to watch on silent. Optimize for quiet watching if you want your content to be recognized and help you obtain more Instagram followers.

An IGTV Series

The IGTV series is a terrific approach to keep our audience interested in your content. Users can also split down their idea into many chunks and shorten the line length of each post using an IGTV series. And, as previously stated, the shorter the video, the more attention it will receive. The IGTV series function similarly to a YouTube playlist. It also offers the idea to your viewers that you’re an authoritative person in a particular industry with a sizable market share.

A little pre-cap

People are prone to blindly scrolling through social feeds, oblivious to what brands are promoting. And even if they do click on your movies, if they don’t find anything intriguing, they’ll leave. Give your audience a reason to stay if you want to enhance interaction and earn more Instagram followers.

Keeping the first half of your presentation interesting is one of the best ways to keep your audience engaged. When it comes to long-form content, first impressions are everything. As a result, aim to add a hook that will pique your audience’s interest. This might be anything from a hot topic to a prize at the conclusion, or simply employing eye-catching thumbnails.


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