Social media has become an integral part of our lives isn’t it? Our morning starts with using social media and night ends with the same. We are keen to post pictures on Instagram and Facebook, we want to express our views and opinions on twitter, and we chat with our friends and watch various videos on YouTube.

Everything revolves around social media. Social media has become such a huge part of our daily lives that it becomes almost impossible to live without it. But even after doing everything we desire, why is there still a feeling of emptiness in our minds?

When you overuse social media, you tend to devote your time only and only for social media. Adults and teenagers spend most of their time scrolling social media accounts, especially teens. Spending 9 hours a day on social media is counted as social media addiction. Social media addiction is risky, as it can lead to depression.

Teenagers devote their time on social media, follow their favorite celebrities and try to imitate them. They develop a negative body image of self. Many teenagers also develop eating disorders to get that perfect body like celebrities, destroying mental health. Along with this, academic progress also deteriorates.


When you use too much social media, you actually detach yourself from the outer world and live in your little bubble of social media world and when you come out of it, there’s nothing to offer to you. Your relationships are hampered.

The increase of online friends on social media destroys your real relationships with real people around you. When everything falls apart from your hands, as a result your mental health is affected, leading to loneliness and depression.


So how to reduce the addiction of social media? 

You can’t completely stop using social media, our life depends on it. How we work, how we communicate, everything is affected by social media.

But what we can do is to reduce the screen time. Restricting ourselves to use social media in limit and giving more time to other outdoor and curricular activities.

Instead of just using your free time to scroll social media, try engaging in other activities like gym, cycling, walking, gardening, cooking, writing, learning new skills and so on. The list doesn’t stop. There are an endless number of activities you can engage in.

Road will not be easy but it is necessary to restrict ourselves with social media because mental health is very important. If mental health is good, everything will go smoothly. Prioritize your mental health to the top always.

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