Covid has been really tough on us. Sitting at home and not being able to do outdoor activities made us all frustrated at some point. Many of us tried our hands in various activities, one such is cooking. I know many of us tried cooking some recipes and posted on our Instagram, snapchat and Facebook stories, shared recipes on twitter and even made YouTube videos! I was even among the one who baked cakes and shared them on my Instagram story. Many people even developed their own kind of recipes.

But if you became such a good chef in quarantine by yourself, why not share among the world? What if you actually become an Instagram influencer! Sounds amazing right. If you made up your mind, you have to choose an appropriate platform to showcase your talent and Instagram is just right for this. Wondering why?

Why Instagram?

Instagram is the best option to start your cooking page to share what you’ve learnt in lockdown because Instagram has the option to make 60 second videos to 15 minutes IGTV. Whether you want to share a quick recipe of milkshakes through videos or detailed techniques to show how to bake cakes through IGTV, Instagram has everything covered. You can even upload your recipes in 9:16 reels, which goes in the reel explore page that give you more views and opportunity to appear in Instagram reel trends.

You can also post beautiful pictures of your recipe and upload on Instagram to make the audience curious about how to make that recipe. Once you start posting on Instagram, it will give you many opportunities to grow and once you become an influencer, you can even earn! Read

Username and bio

Once you make your Instagram page, the next step is to add that perfect username and bio to make it attractive, catchy and to make your audience fall in love with your page. Yes a perfect username and bio can do that. Your bio should be such that it shows what your cooking page is about. Because sometimes what happens is that if your bio is not what your page is about, the audience questions the creativity and you wouldn’t want your audience to have that negative thought.

Your username and name should be such that it attracts an audience and such that it matches the keyword. For example, a photography page is all about photography and people search such pages using the word photographs or photography so if a page has that word in username or name, it will be easy for Instagram to make that page appear for the audience among one of the tops. Same goes for every type of content, even cooking.

Tips for content

The primary reason that hooks the audience towards a cooking page is the creative recipes. People get bored if there is no innovation in recipes and you post the usual old recipes that people can find anywhere. Creativity is very important to become a pro Instagram influencer.

Organize posting schedules as when to post the recipes. Choosing a proper time when the audience is mostly active will give you more reach. Plan a proper strategy for what recipe should go under videos or IGTV.

Use proper hashtags to gain more followers and reach. Write proper captions and explain the additional details required about ingredients and equipment used.


Becoming an Instagram influencer is not so tough, but it requires passion and dedication and patience from your side because you won’t become an influencer overnight. If you have passion towards your content then you will be successful in becoming from quarantine chef to an Instagram influencer!

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