If you are currently having problems with Snapchat, you are not alone. Since this morning, Snapchat users have been reporting a number of issues. Snapchat users are reportedly experiencing issues including “Could not refresh,” “Failed to send,” and “Could not transmit,” according to several user complaints on social media. Try one more, please. A website outage reporting tool called Down Detector received complaints from the photo-sharing app in the morning. Over two-thirds of problems, according to the website, are caused by a malfunctioning app.

One user said, “Looks like Snapchat is down, can’t send any snaps, anybody else having this problem?” However, reports on Down Detector have swiftly increased, despite the fact that Snapchat has not yet formally acknowledged any problem with the service.

Recently, Snapchat released additional features, including iPhone users’ iOS 16 Lock Screen widgets. The business announced new features that make it easier to locate chats with pals. New technologies like Question Stickers were also introduced by a well-known instant messaging network. The app unveiled a dual camera capability last month to allow Snapchatters to simultaneously record several angles and themes. There are four different configurations for the dual camera function, including vertical, horizontal, picture-in-picture, and cutout.

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